What to expect

The initial Osteopathy consultation lasts up to 1 hour with a detailed case history being taken to ensure that you are safe and appropriate for Osteopathic treatment and to gather information on your symptoms. Following this you may be asked to dress down to enable the Osteopath to fully examine the symptomatic area (please bring shorts and a vest if you would feel more comfortable). An examination will take place looking at your posture and how you move, on some occasions reflexes may be tested or your blood pressure taken. At this point you will be given a diagnosis of what is causing your symptoms and a treatment plan will be discussed. In the instance that a non-musculoskeletal condition is suspected you will be referred to a GP or appropriate healthcare professional for further investigation.

Follow up Osteopathy appointments last 30 minutes and will involve brief questioning and examination before treatment.

Please arrive promptly for your appointment.